For the human smoke, we work together

Original title: For the human firefighting, we work together to isolate Diary on November 7, January 2, Jintai District Top Peak Water Shore Huijing Community and the surrounding area implement closed management to carry out nucleic acid detection of residents.

After 95, Chengdu Girl Wanbaoline lived in a garden separated from the Hert Street of Huijing Community, and she recorded his heart after concentrated isolation. At present, she and her father are volunteers in the community, and work is very tired, but it is very fulfilling.

  Since 5th, Chengdu Chenghua District IPO Dongyuan (West District) has reported 11 cases of new coronary pneumonia, from 23:00 on November 3, the community is adjusted to high-risk zone.

Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalists interviewed multi-bit personnel. They either rush in the forefront of the property personnel in the epidemic, and the connecting is the "secret" is isolated. Or is the owner, with an epidemic prevention work to isolate … They see the busy figure of the epidemic prevention staff, I hope to be soon Come out "sunburn the sun". Ms. Wang Wang: Home Isolated Life, I hope I hope to restore the human smoke and fire, I don’t have to get to do breakfast early, send children, go to work, I set the alarm clock to 8:30, but I don’t need alarm every day, early morning I woke up. The first thing, hurry to open the mobile phone to see the information of each WeChat group – is closed since November 5th, and a lot of WeChat groups, property groups, buildings, and materials procurement group … In fact, each group The things discussed are almost.

But in this environment, it seems that you can learn more about more information through more channels! I noticed a very interesting phenomenon: everyone chats in the group, but when it is a nucleic acid detection, I am afraid that I have a very familiar neighbor, the most eyes look at, or nodded, according to the regulations.

This tacit understanding is also rare.

  Review these days.

  Suddenly got news from November 5, give your child a holiday, please leave you, hurry to buy vegetables on the platform, buy life supplies, panic from each WeChat group, and the closed isolation period begins in a single hand. Go to now, at home, tutoring children to class, prepare simple meals, buy a dish in several days, every day, nucleic acid detection is performed, and the life of home isolation is also gradually coming. Standing outside the window, not, the sun is really good. As usual, the yard is definitely very lively, because the residents are based on teaching employees, they have a lot of people who have met each other, and people meet enthusiastically, and they are talking about a few words. Everyone picks up the dishes or express returns, children Run around, play.

Unconsciously, the residential area has been closed. Sixth day, only the battery car interpolation of the supplier, the epidemic prevention staff who wears white protective clothing moves, and the big yard seems to be empty.

  I really hope that you can restore it so that it is very easy to ignore. At this time, you will have a smoky, you can go out of the sun. Polygonator of the Military East (West District) Property Von: I also stick to the post during isolation and enrichment, I am two children’s mothers, and I am a deputy manager of the Military East (West District) Dongxing Property, and live in this community. At about 5 o’clock in the morning of November 5, I was still sleeping, leading the leadership to tell the Department of Industry (Western District) Nucleic acid detection positive, so that all middle management people rushed to the live anti-vulcancing in the first time. We started to close the community to close the street. On the 6th, I arranged four cleaning big sisters to deal with garbage for confirmed patients. I was sick, I know that they will worry, scared, but we must charge before.

Therefore, I help them wear protective clothing, around them, I think this can give them some comfort and strength. I especially want to say, cleaning squad leader Guo Ayi wears protective clothing, carrying a few tens of pounds of disinfection tools to kill, one day, changed four or five cases of protective clothing, take off protective clothing, her hair and clothes Will be wet by sweat.

  Because the residents need to isolate at home, they have a lot of express, they need the property to pay and serve. Many express delivery has a specific building. Some residents are in a hurry. Our staff sometimes needs to be called confirmed, and will classify the express delivery Give the household, the workload is extremely large.

Although my family stayed in this community, I didn’t dare to go home. When the colleagues of the property were turned to rest, some squatted directly on the station, and some use the mat to sleep on the ground.

  My and cleaning, Mrs. Li is the "secret" person who is first told in the property person. After a busy 48 hours, we were also isolated from the isolation hotel in the morning. During the isolation, we have to handle problems every day, and many colleagues have always stared at the screen these days, they have kept reply, back pain.

On the morning of the 9th, I got up after getting up. On the 7th, I have more than 200 call records, and there are more than 120 call records on the 8th. These days, we have been sticking to your position, busy.

During the isolation, we can eat very good meals every day, I am very grateful.

  A 95 post-community volunteer: helpful behavior makes me feel the warm passenger passing the autumn, send away the cream, ushered in the winter.

  As usually traveling to work, watching the familiar streets and Chuanflow people, in addition to occasionally, there are some real feelings, and there is no difference in this day.

Just, life is always more unexpected than drama. On Tuesday (2nd) this evening, the feet have not stepped into the community, and they were told in the case. The "Peak Water Shore" community, only one street, from the 2nd, starting 上海虹口区十大油压店 to enclose isolation from the 2nd, and it can not be able to enter.

  Since studying abroad, I have paid attention to Weibo hot search, paying attention to TV news, but never thought "Epidemic", "Blocking Isolation" will appear in the place you are close to yourself.

Standing at the entrance of the community, hesitating, taking into account the possible risks in the later stage, or choose to return home, home is isolated.

  As a young man, this evening, I have access to the community worker’s team, participate in the anti-vloation in the community in the name of the volunteer, and see the life of the community to fight the epidemic. From 10 o’clock in the evening, community grid in our community leads us to the door to seek the detection of nucleic acid detection.

I 上海水磨论坛24小时 am responsible for a single elevator in the community. Ten stations, dozens of households, such a layer, one house, one house, one house. When the neighbors who have never been seen in the weekdays, they have been smiling from the heart, saying "Thank you, hard work"; when some households are kindly telling me which is an empty house, I feel the open and joy, even Pay respect.

  This is the identity of volunteers, let me feel the power of helping people; it is also a helper behavior, let me feel the warm pass between people and people.

After a series of work is over, the time is late, and the grid will return to the post to continue carding statistics. On the second day, I only know. Our community staff in our streets are basically unmodridden for a night. In the same time and the residents in the control area, the convenience and safety of the living area will be silently worked. I heard these, I feel that I can’t help think. I think this is a solid spine behind a big country, which is made up of a living, a moving figure.

  In this diary, please let me call a word in my heart thanks and to these people deeply.

  Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Chen Qing Yuan Lu Yan Fei Yu Hongwei (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.