Tsinghua University’s National Studies Institute "National Love Forum" triggered a wide range of attention

Tsinghua University’s National Studies Institute "National Love Forum" triggered a wide range of attention

Tsinghua University’s National Studies Institute "National Love Forum" triggered a wide range of attention

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Recently, the "National Information Forum" held by the National Studies of Tsinghua University’s National Studies, "National Treasury Forum" broadcasts in the bright network, and the social influence is large. expected. Some of the lectures were reproduced by the Central Committee of the WeChat public number and the Xinhua News Agency. The picture shows the "National Love Forum" site.

  "National Love Forum" is a special column that Tsinghua University’s National Studies and Guangming.com, Guangming.com is played in synchronously with the lecture site. Since the opening of November 2017, it has completed the eleventh, and the number of listeners on the spot will continue to grow, and the society is praised, and the response is strong.

Among them, there is an eighth storytelling, the tenth talker, the eleventh. The eighth lecture of Chen Ping, a capital and social center of Columbia University, and the eighth lecture of Chen Ping, a Chinese Institute of Fudan University. Number of online people 21299, Guangming network mobile phone terminal online number 10520124; Tsinghua University Iron and Technology Senior Professor In addition to the scene, the light network, mobile phone bright network is implemented in synchronous online live broadcast, Guangming.com online number 38275, Guangming network mobile phone terminal online number reached 14043493; Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University, Zhou Shaojie, Associate Research, Zhou Shaojie A lecture "China has across the" medium income traps ""

Tsinghua University School of Public Administration, Professor Su Shimin Academy, Hong Kong Chinese University Honorary Lecture Professor Wang Shaoguang, "Reform and Opening, National Capability and Economic Development" Document is also reprinted by WeChat public account. Central Committee. The "National Love Forum" is the concept of Tsinghua University’s national conditions adhering to the concept of "the university class becoming a social class", adopts well-known experts at home and abroad, and teaches a multidisciplinary public lecture method for teachers and students, and people from all walks of life. , Share experience, open up the field of view, to promote innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing and other new development philosophy Strengthen the people’s leadership and socialist road recognition and the confidence of the international community to China’s development prospects. "National Love Forum" has concentrated Wang Shaoguang, Hu Angang, Chen Ping, Li Dai, Qian Yi, etc., a large number of well-known domestic and foreign experts scholars, professors, focusing on China’s road, China system, China achievement, China theory, Chinese thinking, from Politics, economic, social, diplomatic, environmental protection, national development, etc. China to improve the social skills of national cultural and Chinese cultural influence.

  The reason why "National Love Forum" is recognized by society, there are two main reasons. First, the "National Love Forum" is planned to be accurate.

Tsinghua University’s national research institute has focused on building a brand of "National Research Field from First-class University to Society". After the continuous investigation, the system is fully understood that China’s national conditions and China’s reform and opening up, it has made great achievements, and launches social needs. "National Forum", triggered a wide focus on society.

The second is the name of the famous, the topic is accurate, and the social needs of the statement is concerned.

"National Love Forum", "National Love Forum", a professor at home and abroad, adequately meets social members to listen to famous experts and scholars, professors, professors, professors, professors, professors. In today’s expectation of the Chinese Communist Party Leaders, China Characteristic Socialism and China’s Objective Introduction to World Stage Playing Role, launched huge social learning needs, forming the increasing session, the lecture site and the number of online people have increased, and social participation has increased, The social blowout concern has triggered.

  At present, the "national situation forum" has received social attention, and has become an important brand of the National Studies of the Tsinghua University’s National Studies from First-class University to Society.