Tianchang City "Yingshan Red" retired military volunteer service team: war "epidemic" camouflage

Tianchang City "Yingshan Red" retired military volunteer service team: war "epidemic" camouflage

Tianchang City "Yingshan Red" retired military volunteer service team: war "epidemic" camouflage

Volunteers are on duty in prevention and control. Shi Jiuyong took a bloody line, continued to fight the image "I am a party member, I am first!" The retired soldiers of the Tianchang City People’s Hospital first invited the most heavy tasks.

Preparation for medical protective masks, medical protection masks, protective clothing, etc. for medical affairs, entering work information, and submits relevant data, dotting every day. This is the head of the Office of the Hospital of the People’s Hospital of Tianchang City, the retired military Yang Jianjun’s work everyday.

He often said: "Although I took off the military uniform, I was still a soldier.

In front of the epidemic, where I need me to go.

"On August 16, Zhang Yijun, the retired military, led 20 comrades, paying self-funded sprayers, etc., the public toilet, entering and exit, etc. of Yuhejiayuan, into and out, etc. Some are just a few months of departure.

It is uniform, and it is uniform, and it is unsatisfactory.

Lu Yucheng and other 15 people waiting for the resettlement officials, took the initiative to ask for the community on duty, they were all veterans, discipline, excellent style, and implementation tasks decisively, establish a good image of retired soldiers.

One heart, the people, the people, the unsatisfactory magic is not on August 1, 30 retired soldiers participated in the "retired non-faded blood donation to celebrate eight" donated hematopoietic stem cell collection activities, contributing to the exhibition of the epidemic, and used this special The way to celebrate your festival. "This boy is more filial to my son.

"Zhangxiang Village Yang Laotai is 82 years old this year, and his son is suffering from mental illness. The daughter-in-law leaves away. Usually, I will go to the street shopping for three or four kilometers, and the influence of the epidemic is difficult. It is difficult to buy life materials in rainy days.

The retired soldiers Chen Liangchun took the initiative to undertake the task of the elderly, usually shopping for the elderly, helping to repair the chicken circles, repair home appliances, do housework.

"The couple did not meet for a month, and the rescue scene was less than 3 minutes, and the husband and wife went to their respective battle.

"The protagonist of this story is a fire rescue squad guidender, retired military Xu Sheng and his wife, and the traffic control team volunteer.

In the early morning of August 17, Xu Sheng immediately returned to the way, he happened to the wife of the night shift. After he gave his wife a bottle of mineral water, the two sides returned to their respective combat positions. .