Red movie leads the summer view "new boom"

Red movie leads the summer view "new boom"

Red movie leads the summer view "new boom", Beijing, July 17 (Reporter Wang Xia) Looking at the summer movie market, many red main melody movies occupy the public vision, "Thermality" is high, attracting a large number of young people to come to watch, gradually set off a share Red movie trend. It is reported that all the cinemas have launched many red movies in July, and the film "1921", "revolutionary", "red ship", etc., and use sincere artistic creation, explore the "soul of the Communists" The original power, "transferring the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary to success. These three videos, from different perspectives, tell the Chinese Communist Party to set up this open-day big event.

The same theme, different rendering methods, fully demonstrate the exploration and innovation of diversified by the creator on the subject of the main melody, causing the audience to resonance.

  The movie "1921" tells the historical moments of the Early Organization of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, and participated in the historical moments of the Early Organization of the Communist Party of China. A new expression of a heavy history and youth atmosphere. Some netizens commented, through the way to restore the blood youth, the blood youth, for this country to struggle and struggle, let my generation understand the deeds of revolutionary martyrs, I will continue to pass the "fire", inherit the ancestors Historical mission, struggle for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Multi-film review, "1921" innovative expression is a successful practice of new mainstream large pieces in ideological, artistic and ornamental depth integration, so that today’s audience touches the historical temperatures of hundreds of years, so that the adhesive in the eyes It is possible to shine in today’s heart, this is the original intention of the creator, and also the heart of the movie. The movie "Revolution", which tells that Li Dazhao was taken down by the life before the execution as a time clue, and he quickly radiated him actively exploring the blood of the country.

Some netizens commented that most of the impression of Li Dazhao stayed in the textbook, this movie allowed everyone to see a more people’s image. "Revolutionary" director Xu Zhanxiong said: "When the movie is engraving the enthusiasm of the revolutionary pioneer, it adopts more delicate, more grateful performance method to restore the heroic gas that is not afraid of sacrifice.

"This specific expression of this life, strengthens the unyielding hero image of the revolutionary pioneer. Because from the ordinary, from the real middle, the characters are more vivid, and the spirit is more expensive.

  The film "Red Boat" focuses on the "May Fourth Movement" in 1919 to 1921, the Communist Party announced in the "Red Boat" in Jiaxing South Lake in Jiaxing South Lake.

Focus on major history, trying to use the youth narrative style is the characteristics of the film. The film is mainlined by young Mao Zedong’s perspective and ideological growth, and try to reduce the historical origin of the 100-year-old party with a new image style and lens language.

Some netizens commented, "very burning" "There is no teaching", "the sincerity of the story". The struggle of the revolutionary pioneers provides an inexhaustible creative resources for the new era of film and television creation. In order to tell Chinese stories, it provides a rich material.

Movies is always one of the best windows of ordinary people emotional release.

In recent years, "I and my motherland" "I and my hometown" "winning", "winning", many new mainstream movies vividly show people fate and home national feelings, through new historical narratives and art expressions, more and more young People’s attention. "Revolutionary" and "1921" have blown a pre-schedule of the summer file, telling the "sniper" "Sniper" "Sniper" "" Sniper "" "Sniper", which is the war story of anti-American assistance, will also land on the big screen.