Redutrive star UCO officially launched standardized products to help biodiesel industry upgrade

Redutrive star UCO officially launched standardized products to help biodiesel industry upgrade

Redutrive star UCO officially launched standardized products to help biodiesel industry upgrade

On the morning of December 13th, the new variety industrial grade mixed oil (this variety of UCO, namely UCO, referring to regeneration), launched by the Shanghai Petroleum Trading Center (Named Trading Center) officially launched and implemented the first transaction. The seller is the only listed company in the country in the country, the list of listed companies in the main business of the kitchen waste, the buyer is a company in Shanghai.

At the online ceremony, the Shanghai Petroleum Trading Center and the North Qinghe Energy held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony and member service contract sign. The two sides will jointly promote the establishment of UCO varieties in the trading center market, open public market trading and establish the quality standards of UCO industry, and promote The industry is fast and regulated. Strong jointly promoting UCO online transactions, UCO is composed of cooking oil and meat in production and processing and use consumption, including kitchen waste grease, ditch oil, water oil, fried old oil , Pumping hood condensed oil, etc., is the main raw material for producing biodiesel.

"This transaction is the first attempt to open a public transaction on the line of my country’s biological diesel, which is conducive to improving the pricing system of biodiesel.

"Chairman of the Shanghai Oil and Gas Trading Center, Secretary of the Shanghai Securities Newspaper Party Committee, Chairman, China Financial Information Center Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Ye Guozi said that the" double carbon "goal is required to make efforts, Beiqing ring energy" meal " The kitchen garbage is treated, "it is important to achieve" double carbon "goal; this launched UCO fills the gap in China’s transaction varieties, the two sides, and industry are a iconic incident, will lead the establishment of a biodiesel industry Standard, innovative transaction and pricing mechanism, forming China prices, issuing Chinese voices, promoting international cooperation. Chairman of the North Qinghe Energy said that North Qinghe will work together with the Shanghai Petroleum Trading Center to put Shanghai Oil and Natural Gas Trading Center Build a global UCO pricing center.

The North Qinghe Energy will take strategic cooperation as an opportunity to achieve a beautiful vision of the global leading enterprise in the UCO industry.

According to the agreement, Shanghai Petroleum Trading Center and North Qinghe will further strengthen cooperation in four aspects: First, Beiqing Rong can carry out market-oriented trading of UCO varieties in the trading center, through its industry experience, trading center market price discovery function , Speed ??up the market price of the UCO variety; second, the two sides will cooperate into capital and manufacturers in depth, promote capital effective delivery and manufacturers to allocate capacity, expand the transaction size, management price risks, maintenance of transaction order, and improve the order Economic benefits; third, the two parties jointly promote the quality standards of the UCO variety, realize the moral pricing of UCO resources, improve the level of refined management in the industry; fourth, the two parties jointly promote the overall standardization of the industry and improve the resources of UCO Level, growing green industry, contributing to the "double carbon" target. The two parties agreed that follow-up will promote biodiesel upstream manufacturers to participate in the UCO trading platform construction, and promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

Standardized Products Help Biodiesel Industry Upgrade "This signature and launch line transactions are milestone in the history of my country’s biodiesel industry.

"Zhi Zhi said that UCO presents an unprecedented momentum, and the biomass diesel processed by UCO is the European carbon emission reduction star product. It is expected that the scale of domestic biomass diesel market will exceed 10 billion yuan, the blessing of the trading center It will greatly promote the development of the industry.

Many industry experts said that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will promote the accelerated development of biodiesel industries. Wang Weiquan, deputy secretary general of the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Circular Economy, said that the cooperation between the two parties is conducive to exploring the market-oriented trading mechanism of biodiesel.

Sun Shanlin, secretary general of the National Biological Diesel Industry Collaboration Group, said that both parties promoted the UCO listing transaction in improving the innovation attempts of biodiesel pricing mechanisms, and expecting both sides to get online biodiesel transactions as soon as possible.

Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, said that both parties will promote the rapid, healthy and standardized development of the entire biodiesel industry. In the view of the industry, the cooperation between the two sides has a strong industrial basis. Shanghai Petroleum and Gas Trading Center is in direct guidance from the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration, 10 shareholders in China, China Petroleum, San Petrochemical, China Oil, etc., the national level approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Energy trading platform. North Qinghe is currently the only listed company in China with the main business of kitchen waste resource, has been in Jinan, Taiyuan, Hefei, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Yantai and other large and medium-sized cities. It covers the processing capacity of various types of industrial grade mixed oil (collective UCO) such as 潲 水 水 水, 地 油 and acidified oil.

"In the future, the demand for environmentally friendly plasticizers and biodiesel will increase, and the global development of the global promotion of the" double carbon "target, biodiesel is expected to enter the market in the next few years." Based on the brokerage researcher The strategic cooperation between the two sides will provide strong driving force for UCO and even the entire biodiesel industry.