Restaurant, barber shop, shadow theater, KTV is open? Official response

Restaurant, barber shop, shadow theater, KTV is open? Official response

Restaurant, barber shop, shadow theater, KTV is open? Official response

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People’s network in Zhao Jingwen People’s Network Zhengzhou August 28th (Yu Siyuan, Jiang Fruit) On August 28, this website learned from Zhengzhou New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Emergency Disposal Joint Command Press Conference, all kinds of Zhengzhou City Public service venues, shopping mall supermarkets, restaurants, barber shops, tourist attractions, shadow buildings, Internet cafes, KTVs, recreational halls, bathing centers, etc., under the premise of implementing good epidemic prevention and control measures, orderly resume business.

Zhengzhou City’s high-risk areas clear, this zero does not represent zero risk.

In the next period, Zhengzhou will still adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

All veals closed during the epidemic, should completely do a good job in ventilation, environmental sanitation and disinfection, before picking up, in front of employees, to check the survey, verify employee health code, stroke code, and 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof .

After the restoration of business, according to the State Council’s joint defense mechanism "key place key units, key people, new crown pneumonia, normalized prevention and control related protection guidelines (June 2021), strict implementation of health code, temperature measurement, wearing masks Measures, implementation of daily cleaning, ventilation, and maintaining social depends on epidemic prevention regulations such as social distances.

Taking the restaurant as an example, it is necessary to implement the subject’s responsibility, the staff vaccination should be connected; the customer temperature detection of the customer, takeaway distributors, etc. The meal time is no more than two hours; the number of entering the store should match the number of meals, and may not cause a meal, wait for meals, etc., etc. Outside time, wear a one-time medical mask, medical surgical mask or above the protective grade mask, etc.

On the basis of the regular epidemic prevention and control measures, according to the area of ??the venue, the performance time, passenger flow peak hours, the maximum reception volume of the audience within a certain period of time, reasonable settings to watch the spacing of the audience when the performance is viewed, prevent Personnel gather; implement an appointment system, scientifically formulate business hours, and regulate the number of tourists entering the attraction. (Editor: Jiang Guo, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.