"Chinese friends and our Africa is a family!"

"Chinese friends and our Africa is a family!"

"Chinese friends and our Africa is a family!"

From November 29th to 30th, the eighth ministerial meeting has been in the past few days, and the media hosted to host the Sachnegal’s media is still hot.

Media believes that senior officials such as foreign officials in Africa have all participated in the history of Senegal’s history, especially in the context of epidemic, each Sachnegar people are proud and unforgettable.

Media commentary said that the plug is generally feeling a few "expectations".

First, I didn’t expect the meeting to be held as scheduled.

At the beginning of the meeting, the new crown mutated virus O’Kek’s poisonous strain appeared in the South Africa, and the atmosphere was sudden and nervous. Some European and American countries immediately announced several African countries such as South Africa to break up.

Individual African National Delegation is affected. The epidemic challenge faces faced by the meeting was worried. The organizers are especially worried that the Chinese delegation is cool.

State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi reverse it, and one arrived regardless of the time difference and the boat ladon, and the bilateral meeting with the senior officials of the Sefa, and hosted the conference with the deputy director of the plug.

On the big venue, thousands of people Jiji have last 10 hours. Wang Yi talks about every attendee.

In addition to the meeting, Wang Yi and more than 30 foreign ministers were intensively held bilateral meetings. The Square Gongguan also praises the Chinese high efficiency and pragmatic.

Second, I didn’t expect Xi Jinping Chairman to provide a 1 billion vaccine to non-side, truly embarrassing the true feelings. At the beginning of the epidemic, China promised to use vaccines as public products.

African developing countries have been in "depression" in international anti-vloys, especially suffering from "immune divide".

O’Kek’s poison strains have further exacerbated African countries panic.

China’s latest commitment is "timely rain", making African friends such as Mu Chunfeng, and reported for a long time. Media said that only Chinese friends will do this, and they can do it! Xi Jinping Chairman Chairman also announced the implementation of "Nine Projects" with African countries. Third, I did not expect the meeting to achieve so rich results. Under the promotion of all parties, the conference passed the "Central African Cooperation Forum – Dakar Action Plan (2022-2024)", "Declaration of Climate Change Cooperation And four documents such as "Medium-Non Cooperation 2035 Vision". Media commentary, this year, this year, the 65th anniversary of China-Anti-unauthorized relationship is also the 50 years of China’s return to the United Nations.

Chinese friends reorganizes, and never forget Africa to return China to the United Nations.

China has tried to assist Africa in the past, and Tanzan Railways is a landmark project.

Now China Medical Team, artemisinin is in a well-known household name.

Not a real family! (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Liu Hui) Sharing let more people see.