The meeting of this head of state opened a new era of China’s relationship with the five countries of Central Asia

The meeting of this head of state opened a new era of China’s relationship with the five countries of Central Asia

The meeting of this head of state opened a new era of China’s relationship with the five countries of Central Asia

  On January 25, Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over the 30th anniversary video summit of China with the Five -King of Central Asia, and delivered an important speech entitled "Together with the Fate of the Fate".

The summit is the first major multilateral diplomatic activity hosted by China this year. It is also the first collective meeting of China with the five heads of Central Asia in the past 30 years. The most important achievement of the summit is the new era of the two sides of the announcement of building a community of destiny in China and Central Asia and opening up the relationship.

  Chinese people say that thirty stands. China has 30 years of communication and cooperation with Central Asian countries, standing sincerity and mutual trust, and equality and mutual benefit.

As President Xi Jinping said: "The successful password of China with 30 years of cooperation with the five countries in Central Asia is that we always respect each other, good -neighborly friendship, the same, and mutual benefit." How should the country work on the moment, fight side by side, and work together to build a closer community of China -Central Asian destiny? President Xi Jinping proposed a demonstration field that deeply cultivated neighborly and friendly, building high -quality development cooperation belts, strengthening guarding shields of guarding peace, building a diverse family of interaction, and 5 points for the earth village to maintain peaceful development.

  Central Asia is the first strategic partner cluster around China.

Over the past 30 years, China has continued to deepen cooperation with Central Asian countries, and the mutual relationship has achieved a leap from good -neighborly to strategic partners, and political mutual trust has reached an unprecedented height. In the future, China will adhere to the concept of sincerity and benefit, strengthen each other’s high -level exchanges and strategic communication, and organize a series of dialogue cooperation mechanisms such as the "China+Central Asian Five countries" foreign minister meeting. We resolutely oppose external forces to engage in the "color revolution" in Central Asia, resolutely oppose human rights as an excuse to interfere with domestic politics, and resolutely oppose any forces to destroy people’s peaceful lives. China is the largest trading partner in Central Asia. The bilateral trade volume has increased hundreds of times compared with the early stages of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Many fruits and fruits in Central Asia have become the "explosion" of domestic e -commerce platforms. In the future, China will import more high -quality goods and agricultural products in Central Asian countries, and continue to run China -Central Asian Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum.

疫情背景下,中国和中亚将逐步恢复客运航班,建立人畅其行的“快捷通道”,完善物畅其流的“绿色通道”;确保中国—中亚油气管道稳定运营,加快中国—中The construction of the sub -natural gas pipeline D, expand the cooperation of the entire energy industry chain, and promote low -carbon transformation of energy. China and Central Asia will also strengthen cooperation in high -tech fields. As a neighbor state with a long common border, China is dependent on the lip and teeth in Central Asian countries in terms of security. Peace is the common hope of the peoples of regional countries, and adherence to universal security is truly safe. In terms of counter -terrorism, China will continue to crack down on "three forces" with Central Asian countries, deepen cooperation in many fields such as border control, network anti -terrorism, and joint operations to jointly build a regional security protection network. In terms of resistance, China will continue to provide vaccines and anti -epidemic supplies to Central Asian countries, increase the joint production and technology transfer of vaccines and special effects drugs, and provide 50 million doses of vaccine assistance to Central Asian countries in 2022.

  The diplomatic relations between the country lies in the relatives of the people. More and more young people in Central Asia come to China to study and do business, and the Chinese people’s attention to Central Asia has also risen.

China will join hands with Central Asian countries to establish a large -scale humanities exchange pattern. China is willing to list all the five countries as destinations of Chinese citizens’ outbound tourism destinations, and propose to host the China -Central Asian Folk Friendship Forum … A series of colorful cultural exchange activities will definitely make the hearts of the people of the six countries get closer and closer.

The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is imminent, and China sincerely welcomes Central Asian sports athletes to compete in China and achieve great achievements! China and Central Asia are in the "first square" of the international community in the construction of a community of human destiny.

In September last year, China proposed a global development initiative and was supported by the five Central Asian countries.

In order to help Central Asian countries achieve greater development, China announced that in the next three years, it will provide 500 million US dollars to Central Asian countries for free assistance for the construction of people’s livelihood projects in various countries; provide 5,000 training and seminars to help countries cultivate sanitary health, reduce poverty reduction, reduce poverty reduction, Professional talents in various fields such as benefiting farmers, interconnection, and information technology have enhanced the endogenous motivation of development.

  In the past 30 years, China has cooperated with Central Asian countries to achieve a series of historic, iconic and breakthrough achievements, and has created a number of "firsts".

Standing at the new historical starting point, China and Central Asian countries will take advantage of the momentum, fight side by side, work together to build a closer community of China -Central Asian destiny, and jointly write a better tomorrow for both parties. (Jia Pingfan, the author is the overseas version of the People’s Daily).