Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 2021 Government purchase service reform has achieved remarkable results

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 2021 Government purchase service reform has achieved remarkable results

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 2021 Government purchase service reform has achieved remarkable results

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2021 Government purchasing service reform has achieved remarkable sources: [] First, strengthen budget management and regulate the implementation of projects.

Effectively implement the decision -making deployment of comprehensive implementation of budget performance management, and strengthen government purchase service budget management. In this level of the autonomous region, the problems existing in the preparation and execution of government purchase service budgets will further standardize the requirements and precautions of government purchase service budget preparation into the autonomous region’s 2022 departmental budget preparation guide to provide detailed guidance for reform. Improve information management methods, add government purchase service budget system review and dynamic supervision functions in the budget management integrated system, realize the use of government purchase service funds, check and use it immediately, and standardize the purchase of service budget and implementation management.

Review the guiding catalog of government purchase service reported by the district department, clarify the scope of purchase, and provide the basis for implementation. The second is to promote pilot work and expand the scope of reform.

Adhere to the pilot as an effective method for promoting reform, take the steps, travel out, and play a role, breakthrough, and driving role in global reform. In the autonomous region, three projects with good management foundations and large budget amounts such as "Fangkang Engineering Precision Rehabilitation Service" are selected at this level to carry out pilots, and the government’s purchase service performance management management is integrated into the entire process of project management.

In 2022, the pilot projects at the autonomous region will continue to expand to 4. The implementation of the government agencies’ purchase service reform has expanded. In 2021, the pilot scope of the autonomous region was expanded to 23 public institutions, covering projects such as talent training, intermediary services, and recruitment exhibitions. In 2022, the pilot units at the autonomous region will expand from 23 in 2021 to 37.

  The third is to make good use of the contact system and play a leading role. Implement the system of the Ministry of Finance’s government purchase service reform contact point system, strengthen the guidance of the connection between Beihai and Tengxian, and promote the reform of the service reform of the two governments in the two places through special investigations and other methods.

Beihai City and Tengxian have given full play to the advantages of contact points, and adapt to local conditions and boldly explore and innovate.

Beihai City’s lock -up reform implementation annual fiscal support personnel and employment personnel bases are reduced. For those who have reduced personnel due to dismissal, they will implement "reduction of staff and no money". Fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of the unit involved. Tengxian takes the people’s most concerned and feel the most direct people’s livelihood services as the cut -off port, expand the scale, increase the type, supplement the shortcomings, and protect the people’s livelihood.

In 2021, at the district’s comprehensive fiscal work training course, I invited the Fujia County Finance Bureau to speak on the government’s purchase service reform, and organized all cities and counties to conduct full discussions on the quality and efficiency of the government’s comprehensive financial work reform. The fourth is to strengthen publicity and guidance and create an atmosphere of reform.

The government’s 20 cities and county finance bureaus with strong and obvious results in the promotion of government purchase service reform work and praise, inspiring cities and counties to promote reform and explore innovation. Organize the implementation of government purchase service reform policies and results, and create a strong atmosphere of care, support, and participation in reforms in multiple forms and forms.

Learn from the civil affairs system and the disabled system to undertake relevant courses such as government purchase service projects, government purchase service reform and practice. Continue to maintain and update the Guangxi government’s purchase of service information platforms, and uninterrupted publicity of the government’s typical cases and reform trends.

Collect representative and typical cases, including the Guangxi leasing government purchasing services to support the prevention and control of the epidemic and resume production, Nanning City to improve the overall operation capacity of the 12345 hotline through government purchase services. WeChat public accounts have been widely publicized, promoting experience sharing, and strengthening positive guidance.